Welcome to Original Papercuttings by Christine A. Smith!

Papercutting is an ancient art form that has been around as long as paper has existed. It has a rich history and has developed in many different ways over time. I have a passion for papercutting and this is my papercut world!

Every piece of work on this site is an original design created by me, Christine Smith. I am often inspired by nature, but I also enjoy finding beauty in the more common things in our world. 

I encourage you to look through my images and take the time to look deeper into the lines. You will often find more the longer you gaze. Please also feel free to contact me about designing a custom piece for you. I enjoy the challenge of being able to carve and weave your ideas into a single piece of paper. 

I have also just added a link to Facebook where I have many more photos of my works.

Thank you and enjoy your visit!

Christine A. Smith

(This site is still under construction, please excuse any missing details. If you have any specific questions or requests, please e-mail me. Thank you!)

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